Where do the Penguins Roam?

The majority of Canadians believe those living in the North live in igloos and penguins may live in the Arctic, a new survey has found.

Up Here magazine, which is based in Yellowknife, NWT., surveyed 303 Canadians in February and found knowledge about the north is low.

The results -were shocking and hilarious.,” the magazine’s editor, Katharine Sandiford, said in a release.

The survey found 69% of Canadians believe northerners live in igloos, while 38% didn’t know the term Inuit has replaced Eskimo.

As well, 28% of those surveyed said penguins live in the Arctic, while 46% said they were unsure, meaning just 25% of Canadians know it’s not true.

Magazine staff came up with the survey – called the North Poll – because they said northerners were tired of correcting friends and relatives in the south about their lives and community.

“We came up with the North Poll to get a sense (of) how widespread the misconceptions really were,” Sandiford said. “The results only confirm our suspicious. They were shameful.”

I think I read a survey that say folks in the USA think igloos and penguins are in Canada, so touche!

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