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– A dating website has launched a “virtual sperm bank” meant to help users maximize their chances of having attractive children. is a site that promotes itself as having “a strict ban on ugly people.” Whatever happened to ‘beauty is in the eye-of-the-beholder?

–  Police in Tennessee are still deciding if they should charge a man after rescuers searched for him for three hours because he was thought to have drowned, only to find out later he had been watching rescue efforts from a bar.  The guy must be a total moron!

– An 18-year-old Indonesian man says he was seduced by a cow, and that’s why he was having sex with it. A neighbour caught Gusti Ngurah Alit allegedly wooing the farm animal on Sunday, the village chief on the resort island of Bali said, the Times newspaper in Johannesburg, South Africa reported Friday.  Well maybe the cow was beautiful?

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  1. I am confident that the cow was sending signals that could only be interpreted as seductive… the man was acting on his primal instincts… he had a moment of weakness is all.

  2. Maybe he was ‘convincing’ the cow to bring him closer to enlightenment? They are sacred after all in some cultures.

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