Weird News Headlines for the Week

– Yummy! Burger King is opening a restaurant in Miami Beach that will serve beer along with burgers and fries, the chain’s first U.S. location with alcohol.

– Put down the Mexican food! An Alaska man who hit a Taco Bell manager in the face with a double-decker taco has been sentenced to one day in jail and one year probation.

– Ouch!! Officials in Germany say eight teenagers were hospitalized after a test of courage in which they drank chili sauce more than 200 times hotter than normal.

– Bleh! Israel has taken the upper hand in a new kind of Mideast conflict, one in which bullets are replaced by chickpeas. Using a satellite dish on loan from a nearby broadcast station, cooks in an Arab town near Jerusalem whipped up more than four metric tons of hummus.

What do all these weird stories have in common, leave your answer in the comments section to win a pack of bubble gum or some other cool prize I can decide on!

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  1. I’m going with alcohol: as the catalyst for all decisions made. Food is too obvious an answer to be correct.

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