Weird News for this Week

– Students at a New Jersey high school have learned not to mess with the lunch ladies.  Cafeteria workers at Atlantic City High School served only cheese sandwiches Wednesday and Thursday as punishment for a cell-phone-coordinated food fight  I had cheese sandwiches twice at work last week, what does that mean?

–  An Iowa teen is showing off her one-of-a-kind high school prom dress she made out of gum wrappers. And the boys are expected to say hubba-hubba or I should say, hubba-babba!

– An Oklahoma City man had his nose cut off with a sword after a bar manager allegedly became angry at patrons for being too loud and attacked them.  Ummm, yuck!

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  1. I agree wiht Jake. I came to this site looking for crazy news articles for my journalism class. Umm I’m sorry but these are not articles. These are crap. You guys could have just made this stuff up! How are we supposed to believe this? You have no quotes, no dates, no times, no PROOF! Journalism basics, people. Not even that. COMMON SENSE! Mega fail. Total WEAK SAUCE!

  2. You can find these news articles on other sites that will lead to the original posting. In other words Google it guys…. LoL

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