Utah Lottery Winners Lose 8 Million Dollar Ticket

A family holding an Idaho Lottery ticket worth $8 million wasn’t taking any chances while traveling from their home in Brigham City, Utah,to claim their lottery winnings in Boise.  But as fate would have it, things didn’t go quite as planned.

Sisters Cindy Flintt and Carol Olven, along with their mother Donna Flintt, made the nearly 300-mile trip to Idaho with their ticket locked in a fireproof safe.  But when they got to the lottery office they realized the safe had fallen through the back floor of their rusty old 1982 Datsun

Cindy Flintt says, “We were pretty broke, none of us have worked in more than 2 years”.  “We took our last $74 and bought a fire proof safe from the local WalMart and loaded it into the back seat with the lottery ticket locked inside.”

When they got to the lottery office on Monday they were shocked to see the safe gone and a huge gaping hole in the rear floor of the car!  Mom Donna Flintt said, “We just hugged each other and cried for almost an hour.”

Lottery spokesman David Workman says other winners have taken precautions, but the Flint family may be the first to have lost out on their multi-million dollar prize because of over-protecting it. “Apparently there was a car mat covering the substantial hole and they had no idea.”  “I feel terrible for them, but there is nothing we can do about it.”

The women bought their ticket at a store in Franklin, Idaho, near the state border with Utah.  But apparently the ticket is unsigned so whomever finds this treasure (and gets the safe open) will have full claim to the $8 million dollar grand prize.

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  1. Hello…….drive back on your route and look for a fire safe on the side of the road……Or check with the local police someone may have hit it or the road dept picked it up….

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