Twitter Handy in Outing Cheating Wife

Social media is handy in many ways! Some men use Twitter to have an affair. One man used it to expose an affair – his wife’s.

Ian Puddick, of London, England, was cleared Friday of harassing his wife’s lover on the Internet by tweeting and blogging details of the dalliance.

“It is absolutely a victory for free speech,” Puddick told the British press after charges against him were dismissed following a three-day trial.

As reported by the U.K. Guardian, Puddick learned of his wife Leena’s 10-year affair with Timothy Haynes when he read a text message on her phone. He then set up several websites and used Twitter to broadcast the racy texts the pair had exchanged.

One message read, “Where do you want to have sex next? The office, al fresco, the flat or all three you greedy girl?”

Haynes claimed Puddick also contacted clients, colleagues and neighbours of his, and said the publicity forced him to leave his job at a financial firm in May 2010.

The Puddicks are back together, as are Haynes and his wife.

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