Twice Stabbed = Good Invention

anti stab knife imageIt seems Mark Bradwin a kitchen supervisor with Webbles Burger in Minnesota has finally had enough.  The 26 year old Kentucky native has been stabbed twice by unruly cooks that could not take his aggressive form of criticism.  Mr. Bradwin admits that he can be a little tough on his staff and regularly uses the F-bomb when he feels they are not working up to potential.

The first stabbing took place in June of 2006, after a 12 hour shift together with a junior cook by the name of Jesse Richmonde.  After Jesse burned an entire grill full of Angus all-beef burger he was chasitized by Bradin and told that his pay would be docked for the ruined burgers.  Jesse lost it and stabbed he boss twice in the shoulder before being restrained by the two dishwashers on duty.  The most recent assualt was in the Summer of 2008 when the new breakfast cook took out an all-night dope fest on Mark and stabbed him in the back between his shoulderblades.

While recouping in St. Mercy’s hospital from the most recent attack, Mark decided enough was enough and began work on his ‘stabless kitchen knife’. He already has pre-orders for over 40,000 knifes from chefs across the US and Asia and it seems he will be leaving Webbles Burger in pursuit of his new endevour.

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  1. this is a good invention and he will probably make a good profit for a bit…however wouldn’t it have been easier to pre-screen your future employees for criminal history and/or psychiatric treatments? just a suggestion..

  2. Ya, now he will probably get his throat slit open and die instead of surviving some stab wounds.

  3. yea… ’cause thats not going to do any damage…
    it’s a knife!
    but really, the guy got stabbed twice in 2 years? by people who work for him? do you think there’s something behind that? ’cause he may have just been a serious asshole that brought it on himself. maybe not being stabbed but he probably did need a serious ass-kicking- to piss people off to the point of a yearly stabbing. just saying…

  4. I know often restaurant managers try to pull the dock pay … but unless that is in your contract, he can not do so. Too much tension in restaurants … one of the craziest underpaid “professions” (unless you are a top chef) … food service. From McDs to Highend burgers. The guy needs to lose the bad managerial skills, especially if he intends to join the business world.

  5. Why is it that when someone get hurt they always accuse the assailant? Seems to me like mess with dog, dog bites… This guy needs a lesson in treating people.

  6. He’s a “chef” at a hamburger joint? Give me a break. I know there’s a such thing as a gourmet hamburger, but come on. He deserves to be stabbed in the face.

    I wish someone would have shoved a chainsaw up his has, turned it on, and killed him.

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