Transvestite Toilets

In Bankok, Thailand there are seperate bathrooms for teen boys who prefer to dress as girls at one rural high school.   No more tough decisions about which toilet to take to or having to go to the teachers lounge.

The Kampang School in northeastern Thailand conducted a survey last term that showed more than 200 of the school’s 2,600 students considered themselves transgender, said school director Sitisak Sumontha.  So, when classes resumed in May, the school unveiled a unisex restroom designated by a human figure split in half – part man in blue and part woman in red. Below it are the words “Transvestite Toilet.”

Three transgender students praised the new restroom as they plucked their eyebrows and applied face powder in front of the mirror outside the stalls.   Most rural Thais are conservative in many ways, but the trailblazing toilet initiative at the school in northeastern Sisaket province reflects another aspect of Thai society: its tolerance of the country’s very visible transgender community. The term describes a wide range of identities including cross-dressers, transvestites, transsexuals and those born with the physical characteristics of both sexes.

Kampang is not Thailand’s first educational institution to set up unisex washrooms, though Sitisak said he believed it was a first for a secondary school. A 1,500-student technical college in the northern province of Chiang Mai set up a “Pink Lotus Bathroom” for its 15 transvestite students in 2003.  Deputy Education Minister Boonlue Prasertsopar recently said the ministry plans to count the number of transgender university students.

He said he was not promoting transgender interests, “but if there are a lot of them in a university and it’s a problem, we may have to consider building toilets and dormitories for them.”  Transgenders are regularly seen on TV soap operas and throughout Bangkok, working at department store cosmetics counters, popular restaurants, in office jobs and in the capital’s red-light districts. Thailand also has transgender beauty pageants. I think a lot of those saying they consider themselves transgender are just doing it to be supportive.

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  1. Why are all the rest of the world so far ahead of the USA? I have lived 75 years in this country. Until just recently there has not been unisex bathrooms available to me. If I was to use the ladies room then I was subject to being arrested. If I used the men’s room I was subject to being beaten up and then arrested. In most states it was against the law for me to be me. If I wasn’t put in prison then I was subject to be put into a mental institution. Either way I was subject to being raped which happened to me. Over and over and over so many times that I was never to recover my sence of being a hetrosexual. The cruelties I had to suffer from society just because I was different would fill volumes in a book.

    The stigma of being GID (Gender Identidy Disorder) still exisits to a great degree but is getting better. WAKE UP AMERICA I am too old to move to another country where I am accepted for just being me.

  2. Look Scott, 2 options. Quit your bitching and learn to use a bathroom stall, or move to Thailand! I’m sure in these hard economic times our government should spend/waste more money to meet your silly request. On second thought I retract option 1, just leave and we’ll all be better off!

  3. scott, i am so sorry that people are cruel. (abe!!!!) instead of telling him to leave, how about just aid the crisis and be a little more tolerent. your part of the problem, and im sure that a million things could be said about you and you would not appreciate being told to just take your ass to a different country. its not fair for someone to have to move just so that they can be themselves.

  4. Or Scott you could keep it a secret because Muslims will never tolerate your diseased kind and neither will the Christians or the Jews. I agree with the Abe.

  5. Look you crazy homophobic freaks stop telling Oweena Scott to leave this country and leave yourselves!!!
    I’d much rather have Scott as a fellow citazen than hateful dieased jerks like Abe and Yasar.

    Oh and Yasar Hindusium has a third gender and Voodoo, Neo pagan and Classic pagan religions, and confucianism have no stigma against homosexuality so if you have to bring religion into it people other than those of christian judaic faiths should have a say.
    P.S sorry for the idiots youv’e had to deal w/Scott
    P.P.S. yes I know this is childish but consider how lacking in maturity your post were I’m to add , abe and yasar you suck!!

  6. ABE and YASAR need to learn to tolerate both the transvestites and gays even if you disagree with what they do or DON’T do!

  7. i lived in thailand for 2 years and met alot of transexuals. If ignorant people like abe and yasar spent enough time there they would hopefully realize transgenders are very obviously a third sex despite their PERSONAL religious beliefs and perhaps come to accept them for what they are. regular people that switched genders. i agree with Oweena, it is sad that individuals of a developing country in Asia have more basic freedoms than that of a westerner. very sad.

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