Toronto Man Hits Useless Milestone

Ok, from the archives of ‘who really cares’ and ‘buddy get a life’ we have Canada’s “Pub Guy” Bill Perrie who has a dream job that allows him to travel around the country in search of bars to drink his favorite brew.

Perrie, 53, of Stouffville, Ont., located 50 km northeast of Toronto, was nursing a cold one at one of his favorite watering holes in the city, the Firkin on King, on Thursday to mark his 2,500 bar visit.

He was accompanied by friends and fellow beer aficionados who openly profess their love for suds.

“It has been a labour of love,” said Perrie, who has written seven books on Canadian pubs. “The people is what makes a good pub great.”

Perrie, who has an Internet radio show and is a columnist for Pub Magazine, has been traveling the country since 1999 checking out pubs. He has racked up thousands of kilometers in search of “hidden gems.”

“I did not set out to visit as many pubs as I could,” Perrie said. “I am always on a quest to find great local and hidden gems.”

His interest in pubs date back to his days in Scotland, where “bars were like a community center that people attended everyday after work to catch up with friends.”  Firkin general manager Dan Targonsky said Perrie could have gone to any the GTA’s 2,500 pubs to mark his milestone visit.

OK, maybe I am just a tad jealous of this guys job, aren’t you?

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  1. I’ll take my healthy liver and lack of police record for “Drunk and Disorderly” over this guy’s job any day.

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