Too Much Vampire Exposure for Teens

vampire teeth imageWith the revival of this horror genere seems to come some unexpected problems with some nutty young folks.
Two self-described practitioners of paganism and vampirism have been arrested in Arizona after they stabbed their roommate in an attempt to drink his blood.

Robert Maley, 25, told police that he had previously allowed his friends, 21-year-old Amanda Williamson and 24-year-old Aaron Homer, to drink his blood but when he refused to last Monday, the two stabbed him in their apartment. reports that firefighters were at the scene for an unrelated call when they saw Maley, covered in blood, run out of the apartment. The police were immediately alerted.

Homer is charged with aggravated assault and Williamson is charged with false reporting to police after she initially told cops that she was attacked and stabbed her attacker in self-defense. Maley was also arrested on an unrelated outstanding warrant.  My guess is they were also on some heavy drugs (at least I hope so)!

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