This News Story is Very Funny and Weird

Former Hooter’s girl believed she was going to win a Toyota car in a 6-month long beer selling contest.  Much to her surpise she did win but it was not a Toyota car but a toy yoda doll from the Star Wars collection.  Below is a picture of her at her lawyers office where she will discuss her options.

weird news pic

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  1. This is a really old story. I wonder why they are repeating it now? The animated Star Wars release maybe? 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment…yes it is old but it is the first time I heard about it and it really made me laugh so I thought I would share.

  3. OMG!! LOL & PAOM!! She looks pissssed! This is just too funny!
    I was at a moment in my life where I really needed a chuckle, this bent me over laughing so hard!
    Thank you so much!

  4. GREAT I love this one. Hey unless it’s written in a contract she got what they SAID!!!! Looooove the look on her face ROTFL!!!!

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