The Gaza Conflict

So with international condemnation of Israel are we to honestly believe that they are the evil ones?  Civilians keep dying in Gaza because Hamas does not wear military uniforms and they launch rockets from residential neighbourhoods.  This little cartoon pretty much says it all.

What do you think?

israel army

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  1. That cartoon sums it up so well. The media and the UN paint the Israelis as the agressors yet they were only responding to the thousands of rockets launched at random into their neighborhoods. Aside from the current conflict they deserve each other and are as bad as one another. Both of them should knock it off.

  2. War is a waste of life. It has made me sad that the international community has given so much support to terrorists that hide behind their own civilian population.

    Here are a couple of quotes I found interesting:

    “If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence. If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel.” – Benjamin Netanyahu

    “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.” – Golda Meir

  3. Neither side is the “good guy” in this conflict. Both sides are doing horrible, inhumane things. But the reason why people are focusing on Israel is because the power to stop this eternal struggle is entirely in Israel’s hands. The rockets are a response to Israel invading the Palestinians’ lands, destroying their homes and businesses and killing indiscriminately. I don’t care if a thousand militants are hiding in a school, there is no justifiable reason to bomb children. Yes, the Palestinians want Jerusalem as their capital, but more than anything else, the typical Palestinian wants Israel to stop destroying their homes in retaliation for missiles that do little damage and rarely hurt anyone.

    Then there’s the problem of Israel constantly stealing Palestinians’ land from them. Most people would call that an aggressive invasion, but because it’s Israel doing it, people turn a blind eye to it.

    All the attacks from Gaza are a retaliation for what Israel is doing. If they want it to stop, then they just have to stop invading the small bit of land that the Palestinians have, and give back what they’ve already taken illegally. If they want a no-man’s land between them an Gaza, then make it out of their own territory, rather than invading and bulldozing the homes of peaceloving Palestinians.

    As for the people of Gaza “allowing” the militants to hide among them, are you going to say no to an armed radical when he says to hide him? It’s true that those militants aren’t playing fair, but when you look at it, neither is Israel.

    Both sides just need to grow up and stop acting like children.

  4. The rockets rarely kill anyone? How would you feel if they were falling in your neighborhood? Israel said that they would stop the invasion if International monitors were set up to ensure that Hamas wouldn’t keep launching missiles at Israel. They should not have pulled back. Hamas wants the total destruction of Israel. Anything less is not acceptable. That should tell the entire International community that Israel is not the aggressor here. They are just tired of being pushed around and terrorized. Long live Israel, and America if we keep continued support for them.

  5. Both sides have the right to defaned its’ people,but it does not have to be by doing horrible things.Hamas have to stop launching missiles at Israel so as to stop the Israel invasion.

  6. Look at the statistics. The rockets RARELY HURT ANYONE! They’re potshots by people left with no other options except violence to stop their oppressors from stealing their land, killing their people and keeping them living in abject poverty. The fact that the entire Western world isn’t completely appalled at what Israel is doing to the Palestinians is absolutely criminal. And you’re egging them on to keep killing and oppressing? Shame on you, Lawrence. That’s disgusting! That’s like cheering on North Korea when they were firing missiles into South Korea just to prove they could do it.

    There’s a word for what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians. It’s called Apartheid; the oppression of an ethnic majority by an artificially-empowered ethnic minority. People were up in arms for many years over Apartheid being practised in South Africa, so why not now when nothing has changed except the position, and the fact that the oppressor is actively imperialistic?

    Get this through your head; Hamas is launching missiles BECAUSE Israel is killing their people and stealing their land. All but a few lone nuts would stop their attacks if Israel just behaved itself and stopped acting like a selfish child and ceased their INITIATING (not retaliatory as they try to tell the world) attacks. Any lone nuts left over after Israel stopped oppressing the Palestinians should be handled with police action, not military action.

    I swear, the whole world has gone mental ever since a mental pygmy named George W. Bush declared that terrorist was some sort of ghost “nation” that you could declare war against, rather than going after it with police investigation, as has proven very successful against terrorism. If Israel was responsible, they would offer to work with the leaders of Hamas to aid them in police investigations against these criminals, rather than just bulldozing in, killing people indiscriminately. But thanks to Bush, the world now has a stupidity virus in its collective brain.

  7. “The rockets RARELY HURT ANYONE! They’re potshots ”

    It still terrorizes entire towns, driving them to bomb shelters. Your reasoning is flawed and a little silly.

    Bottom line is Hamas charter says they need to destroy Israel and they target civillians on purpose.

    That is sick and makes it all thier fault.

    The Palestinian people are caught in the middle but they did elect this terrorist group to represent them and now they suffer the consequences.

  8. That’s a very backward and silly way of looking at it. Hamas thinks they need to destroy Israel because of how much Israel disrupts the Middle East with their aggressive and imperialistic behaviour. Israel is the true creator of Hamas, and nearly every other terrorist group in the Middle East.

    That makes it all Israel’s fault.

  9. Why are you believing the propaganda of one of the groups involved in the conflict, both of which are biased and distorted, rather than relying on official UN reports, which are unbiased?

    Yes, Hamas lies; but so does Israel, and people sympathetic to Israel. There are no “good guys” in this conflict — they’re all bad guys; just some (the Palestinians) have been forced into acting like bad guys. Others (the IDF and Israeli government) are being bad guys entirely of their own accord.

  10. Israel was not launched from sky. Zionist terrorist criminal foreigne gangs came to Palistine, the land of peace, and began committing bloody massacres. Gaza is the latest holocaust Israel has committed. There was one two years before in Lebnon, and tens of other massacres against Plastinians for frightening to move out of their home land, the land where their ancestors were born and lived in order to make Palistine the land of Zionist terrorist criminals and take over all the Arab land by themselves. That they are innocent. I am not against Jews I have a great respect for them, but sure enough I hate Zionists because they are worst then Nazists.

  11. Rob, I didn’t have time to read all your comments, but I love seeing how other people think. I spent many years thinking Israel was the problem before I actually read several articles about the history of the area. They have been fighting for 6000 years or more! You can’t look at the events of the last 10 years and say there was peace before that time. I invite you to look deeply into the history of the area. You will find one recurring theme. No matter what Israel does of does not do, all the surrounding nations want them dead. The Koran has dozens of passages calling for the death and enslavement of Jews. One other thing you should think about. Palestinians are hated just as much as the Jews. The surrounding nations are using this territory as a proxy war. Again, read your history books. Palestinians live where they do because Israel was the only nation that treated them with any respect. Sadly, the Palestinians have been used as pawns. Perhaps by both sides, but Israel is not publicly calling for the Death of Iran or Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia. The reverse is not true.

  12. Addy, There is no point in trying to reason with Rob. He has swallowed the entire Palestinians are victims line. You’re right. This conflict is millenia old. The Philistine [Palestine] problem has beset Israel since before King David. It goes back to the sons of Abraham. The land is Israels’, by divine promise.

  13. I feel sorry for whomever thinks western media paints Israel as the ‘bad guy’. Wake up and smell the coffee! This is David vs. Goliath people! What the media does do is try to make the sides appear like they are on the same playing field. THEY ARE NOT. This is a slow, coldly calculated massacre of the Palestinian people, and don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise.

  14. I agree….you people need to do your home work on this issue. Israel has been commiting genocide on the Palestinian people ever since they were allowed to settle on the Palestinian land. And whoever says that Israel was given the land by god by devine promise…….I got another fairytale book for you to read……it’s called the New Testament of the Holy Scriptures.

  15. Dear Website administrator,
    I like this cartoon and would like to get in touch with the illustrator. Would really appreciate getting their contact info. Thanks for your help.

  16. i agree with addy completely i think everything thats going on in the middle east is nothing but a complete waste of time screw it let them kill each other

  17. I think that the Palestinians are being cheated out of everything expecially money. If you look under what the press is telling you they are one sided about the situation and make the Palestinians look bad. I studied and the Palestinian people have no road systems, they were not allowed to leave their houses for 40 days except at specials times, they can’t even go to Jerusalem without check points and a passport looking thing and can only go for a couple hour. So I suggest that many of you nagging both sides of the conflict go out there and learn then state your opinion your attitude towards something you have no idea about is just pathetic so learn than be heard.

  18. Crazy Admin Guy i dont believe a single word uve said in every post of yours on every topic cuz uve always been a bias noob and u always will be , think outside the box for once in your life without supporting ur side fisrt.

  19. Let’s look at that cartoon again. We all can agree that man need to be judged by actions and not words. The fighting tactics speak for themselves. We know who is underhanded in one thing (fighting) is likely to be underhanded in another (reporting losses). No, neither side is right, BUT that doesn’t Isreal is wrong for using standard military force to defend its citizens against guerrilla warfare. The U.S. and the U.N. need to do something, you don’t just live in a country, you live on a planet.

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