That Bullet Gives Me a Headache

Can you say pass the ADVIL!! A Chinese man has had a bullet removed from his head after being shot 23 years ago.

Wang Tianqing, who lives in the northern province of Hebei, said he was walking home from work in 1988 when he was hit in the head by what he thought was a slingshot, the U.K. Telegraph reported.

He started to have epileptic seizures.

“At first, the convulsion only happened once a month, but later it was two or three times a day,” he told a local television station.

Wang Zhiming, a neurosurgeon, said since the skull was very solid, it was able to slow down the bullet’s speed of penetration.

“If the bullet had hit with greater force and to the right, Wang would have died,” he said.

The two-centimetre rusted bullet was removed recently at a local hospital.

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