Teen Gives Her Parents a Scare

OK, her parents were supposedly in on it but still…. a Grade 11 student shocked her classmates after she revealed she had faked a pregnancy for a school project.

During a school assembly in Toppenish, Wash., Wednesday, Gaby Rodriguez pulled a fake bulge from under her shirt, to reveal she really wasn’t six-months pregnant, reported the Yakima Herald-Republic newspaper.

Since October, the 17-year-old Toppenish High School student lied to friends, teachers and even most of her family, to discover how teen pregnancies brew stereotypes and rumours.

Rodriguez wore baggy sweaters to conceal her faux-tummy and later, a prosthetic belly. Her supposed due date was shortly after graduation, July 27.

Only a few people, such as her mother, boyfriend and principal, knew of the A-student’s secret.

Her project, titled, “Stereotypes, rumours and statistics,” revealed things people said about her during her fake pregnancy.

Rodriguez’ best friend, Saida Cortes, read one of many quotes previously said: “Her attitude is changing, and it might be because of the baby, or she was always this annoying and I never realized it.”

Trevor Greene, school principal, said he admired her courage for conducting the social experiment.

“In essence, she gave up her senior year. She sacrificed her senior year to find out what it would be like to be a potential teen mom. I give her mother a lot of credit for backing her up on this,” Greene said.

Rodriguez will present her findings to a board of community members next month.