Take a Pill and Dance Better

I myself am a little worried about this recent finding because I am a really bad dancer.

A Montreal man is giving hope to bad dancers everywhere.

Researchers at the University of Montreal have discovered that it’s not his fault he can never dance in time to music. His brain is incapable of recognizing rhythm.

“They hypothesize that the young man’s beat deafness arises from disconnects in a widespread brain network involved in musical beat, rhythm and meter,” according to the report in Science News.

But it doesn’t seem to have any real-world downsides, much like the tone-deafness suffered by many.

“We suspect that beat deafness is specific to music and is quite rare,” Jessica Phillips-Silver, one of the lead researchers, told Science News.

The young man, named Matthieu, is obviously a bad dancer, but also finds it difficult to clap in time at a concert. While bouncing to a rhythm, Matthieu was able to imitate others but “floundered” when asked to do it alone.  I am not sure it really give me hope, it kind of makes me think I have a brain disorder!

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  1. honestly , i dont think that this is soo . bcause dancing is just like sports or learning , where yoou have too work @ it . i think that when yoou take the pill your brain thinks that its is going too make you dance better soo yoou work harder @ it . which improves your dancing skills .

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