Stupid Teenager does something Dumb

I am not sure whether to call this one out as BS or this teenager is just a tad dumber than most.  Personally I think some of those stars look raised like they are done with paint and not a tattoo.  But anyways how does she not realize he is putting 50+ and not 3 tattoos????

funny teenager image

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  1. She came out later and admitted that she asked for the 53 stars, but her father went ballistic when he saw them, so she came up with the “I only wanted 3, and I fell asleep” story.

  2. Well Whats new this will be the new thing for all teen’s and eve more stuff then that so why are we surprise and if her dad believed what she told him “o i fell sleep dad id not know that they were cutting me so much then he needs to see the shrink as well.

  3. when you first get a tattoo, the skin is raised because of the damage you did to it with the needles, just like when you scratch yourself with a pin or a nail. it doesn’t stay that way but it is that way with all tattoos.

  4. WOW so what was she on to KNOCK out like that??? was she trying to get the solar system on her face….

  5. I dont believe that nebody knows her story, but i think it looks kinda cool. And I’m pretty sure that she wanted the whole tattoo, not just 3

  6. well um…whoev dnt like it is a hater and she got it cuz she wanted it and ur jus mad u aint think of it..but i probally wooda got it somwer else and instead of black i wooda got purple or a bunch of diff colors..

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