Strange News for this Week

Seems like weird news has been a bit slow lately, so let’s look at the most stupid news stories of the week instead.

-Two goats sent to prison to nibble on the grass to reduce the cost of lawn maintenance, throw in this genius quote -“We threw the idea at him that we could use them to get into the hard-to-get areas, like the hillside and the fence line,” he said.

– Man with 50-year suspension caught behind wheel – No shit Sherlock, wonder how he got the 50 years of suspensions in the first place?

– Twin Sisters Ask Twin Brothers to the Prom – Ummm, who gives a cr-p?  The pairs met at the grocery store where they all work. The girls say they thought it would be cool to double-date with another set of identical twins.  Snooooozer!

– George Washington Racks up Late Library Fees – shocking!! Both books were due on Nov. 2, 1789 – go after his relatives for the cash I say!


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