Squirrel Flavoured Chips – Gross!

There are times when I actually think the folks in the UK are pretty cool and kinda fun but this article makes me want to barf but I have heard squirrels taste a lot like chicken!  Chilli and chocolate, crispy duck with hoisin sauce and Cajun squirrel are among a tastebud-testing new range of crisp flavours launched in Britain on Friday.

The flavours, chosen by the public and developed with the help of top chief Heston Blumethal, also include fish and chips, builder’s breakfast and onion bhaji. “The complexities of flavour fascinate me and to watch the British public get so excited about taste has been absolutely inspiring,” said Blumenthal, chef of the Michelin three-starred Fat Duck restaurant.

“We’ve had an incredible response and sifting through the entries has been quite incredible. I can’t wait to see which one the public choose as their winner!” he said.  The six flavours were chosen from more than a million suggestions sent in to crisp makers Walkers after they launched their “Do Us A Flavour” campaign last year to find out the British public’s snack tastes.

They will be sold until May, after which there will be a vote to decide which flavour stays on sale permanently. The creator of the winner will get 50,000 pounds (77,000 dollars, 56,000 euros) plus one percent of future sales.  Of the six finalists, only one was proposed by a man: Cajun squirrel is the brainchild of Martyn Wright, 26, who said he was inspired to enter when he saw squirrel on a restaurant menu.  This is something I would expect out of China with their unique interest in eating weird stuff.

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  1. oi numbnuts – you merkins have been eating squirrils for decades in the south, hell even Elvis had a rifle when he was a kid specificly for shooting squirrils for cooking.
    but then again… facts bever did seem to matter to a merkin

  2. I’ve tried all of them now, they’re not as bad as they sound! Chilli and Chocolate is my personal favourite though I will agree Squirrel sounds awful (tastes good though)! Worth mentioning that all walkers crisps are suitable for vegetarians and its all flavourings horrified peeps!

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