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  1. Bad Taste is an understatement!

    People should really contemplate the underlying message and disturbing notions they are making rather than only concentrating on the strange and “shock value”.

  2. Haha… I think its funny. While Apple has the right to remove it, I feel they only should if it hurts their business. Either way, people’s humorous tastes vary quite a bit. Don’t kill one’s entertainment if its harmless and you’re only justification is that “its bad taste.”

    The underlying message is that poeple are cynical and find humor in all types of weird stuff.

  3. You think it’s funny?! I think it’s sick and horrifying! It’s not harmless! How could it be considered harmless you monster!

  4. like dude said humor comes in diffrent ways so quit being a bitch cuz that shit is funny and its not hurting any one so just leav baby app alone

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