Scary Warlock Rapist

This story made me shiver, this guy is creepy and sick!

A U.K. court heard Thursday that a gravedigger tricked girls into having sex with him by claiming he was a warlock who could grant them special powers.

Jurors heard that William Lambert, 74, lured girls to his church shed and raped one of them on a gravestone, British newspaper the Mirror reported.

The church shed was decorated in a mystical theme, and Lambert would light incense and hang a red sheet above the girls’ waists so they couldn’t see what he was doing, court heard.

“These young, vulnerable, impressionable girls were looking for attention and they were spellbound by his extraordinary claims about a spiritual world,” the Mirror reported prosecutor Gillian Etherton said. “He persuaded them he could give them special powers by way of sexual intercourse.”

Lambert faces four charges of rape and three of sexual assault in connection with the alleged rape and sexual assault of four girls between the ages of 11 and 15 in the 1980s.

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  1. Not like that’s the most bizarre thing perverts have told kids to them them to let the pervert rape them. When it comes to sick %@&$^s that should be removed from the gene pool, they have no end of creativity.

  2. Personally how stupid do you have to be, I knew at 6 I was not going to be turned into a war lock with powers, when I read these girls are 11-15 lol their parents also need to be arrested.

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