Rate my Poo?

Ok, here is a really silly iPhone App that I just read about, it helps you log your poo – that’s right when you are sitting on the throne you can time it and describe it, so you have a lasting memory of all the business you do.

pool app image

Here is part of the actual review from an iPhone app review site.

The hilariously named Poo Log is part fecal tracker, part bathroom timer, and part trivia game, and it’s all pulled together in a surprisingly fun app that you can use to create, well, a different kind of poo log than you’re used to producing while you’re on the can. With this app you can time how long it takes to do your business and how often you’re doing it, and to keep you busy there’s a poo-related trivia game.

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  1. You ppl are sad if you loo at this shit man! i was on this page by accident and i see all of these waste man comments blud! get a bloody life init

  2. Love your site! The poo log is the ultimate for those who value their bathroom treasures…very funny – for those of us with a sense of humor.

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