Kids Wants Longer Jail Term to Hang with Stepdad

I smell a lifer here.  A teen criminal asked to be sentenced to more than the six months recommended by his lawyer and the crown so he could spend extra time with his cellmate – his stepfather.

The defence lawyer for Justin Beynen, 18, and an assistant Crown attorney were asking a Sudbury judge Thursday for a six-month term for a string of convictions.

But Beynen wanted more time in jail so he could spend it with his cellmate and stepfather, Jason Hastings.

Beynen explained to Ontario Court Justice Normand Glaude he has nowhere to stay when he gets out of jail until Hastings is released in October.

Beynen was hoping for a nine-month sentence so they could stay remain cellmates.

Glaude said the courts are not a social agency, but sentenced the teen to the requested nine-month term after hearing the facts of the case.

Beynen pleaded guilty Thursday to two counts of breach of probation, dangerous driving, failing to stop for police, theft of a vehicle, possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking and driving without a licence.

Beynen was spotted by police April 4 driving at high speeds through a neighbourhood, hitting a no parking sign and three parked vehicles before finally stopping, assistant Crown attorney Len Walker said.

Police found 17 grams of marijuana, a knife and six cans of beer inside the vehicle, which had been stolen, Walker said.

Beynen was on a probation at the time and prohibited from having knives. He also didn’t have a driver’s licence and wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, Walker said.

The other breach of probation charge was for repeatedly missing appointments with his probation officer during March, court heard.

Court was told Beynen’s mother is a drug addict and his biological father was shot and killed when Beynen was a child. Beynen has been in custody since his April 4 arrest and sharing a cell with his stepfather.

Hot Chicks Dig Aligators?

This guy is a few light bulbs short!  Police in Illinois have seized an alligator from a man who was keeping the animal as a pet to attract women.

The Cook County Sheriff’s Office officials said they received information a man was keeping an American alligator in confined conditions in his home. Police located the four-foot alligator in a fish tank in the kitchen. A video of the alligator showed it swimming in the tank, which was under a heatlamp.

The man told police he bought the alligator in Indiana, Ill., five years ago for $200.

“He stated that he kept the alligator as a pet because it attracted women,” police said in a release. “In order to keep the size of the alligator down, Yarbrough kept it in a small tank, and only fed it once a month – a meal of 10 live mice.”

Police said American alligators traditionally average between eight and 14 feet in length.

The animal is now being cared for by a Chicago animal welfare group.

Dumb Kid – Roof Hopping

Kids, don’t try this at home – not even in an attempt to get into your home.

A 19-year-old Ontario man survived a seven-metre fall after trying to jump from the roof of an apartment building to his own building next door after he realized he had forgotten his keys.

Police said the man was returning from visiting a friend at 3 a.m. Saturday when he made the unwise choice to leap to the gap to his building.

His injuries were not considered life-threatening.  Nice move dude!

Where do you Pawn Bees?

What kind of weirdo would steal black bees? Yes I am talking about those flying, buzzing, stinging things.

Several thousand bees that were part a multi-million pound neuroscience research project have been stolen from a British university.

Police in the Scottish region of Tayside were appealing for information on Tuesday after four bee hives containing several thousand British black bees were stolen from a medical school in the city of Dundee.

“This theft will undoubtedly hamper our research,” said Dr Chris Connolly, the lead researcher on the Dundee project, who reported the bees missing on Sunday.

In a statement he described the bees as “very unique” and said they should be easy to identify if they are sold on.

The hives are a part of a 2 million pound ($3.3 million) project at the Centre for Neurosciences at the Dundee University’s medical school which is investigating the potential effect of pesticides on bee learning and health.

Police said there were keen to trace a white van and two men that were seen in the area at around 0900 GMT on May 8.

Another Drunk 911 Call

Here is another idiot!  It may be an emergency for some, but don’t dial 911.

A Bridgeport, Connecticut man learned the hard way after ringing the emergency line three times Sunday, and asking paramedics who responded to his home if they could buy him beer.

Police charged Raymond Roberge, 65, with misuse of the emergency system.

The Connecticut Post reported the man has called 911 with false alarms about 80 times.  This guy should be hospitalized.

Creepy Weird Internet Kissing

Now this is pretty creepy!  A Japanese lab has created a device that may let let you “French kiss” someone over the Internet.

And by “kiss,” we mean waggle your tongue on a plastic straw, thereby making another plastic straw waggle remotely on someone else’s tongue.

Hot, huh?

Well, the folks at Tokyo’s Kajimoto Laboratory say it’s just the beginning of what could become a full-on person-to-person experience over the Internet.

The lab, part of The University of Electro-Communications, posted a video in which a researcher demonstrates the “Kiss Transmission Device.” It’s a motorized box that looks a little like a police Breathalyzer.

Read the entire article here.

Sad Sign of the Times

According to Yahoo, searches for “Osama bin Laden” spiked by nearly 100% on Sunday, with 25% of those searches coming from people under 24.

The spike came after U.S. President Barack Obama announced that U.S. forces had killed the al-Qaida leader, who masterminded the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks against the U.S.

The fifth most popular related search was “Who is Osama bin Laden?” Teens between 13 and 17 made up 66% of that search.

Maybe this is just the logical search to find out more about him beyond 9/11?

Scary Warlock Rapist

This story made me shiver, this guy is creepy and sick!

A U.K. court heard Thursday that a gravedigger tricked girls into having sex with him by claiming he was a warlock who could grant them special powers.

Jurors heard that William Lambert, 74, lured girls to his church shed and raped one of them on a gravestone, British newspaper the Mirror reported.

The church shed was decorated in a mystical theme, and Lambert would light incense and hang a red sheet above the girls’ waists so they couldn’t see what he was doing, court heard.

“These young, vulnerable, impressionable girls were looking for attention and they were spellbound by his extraordinary claims about a spiritual world,” the Mirror reported prosecutor Gillian Etherton said. “He persuaded them he could give them special powers by way of sexual intercourse.”

Lambert faces four charges of rape and three of sexual assault in connection with the alleged rape and sexual assault of four girls between the ages of 11 and 15 in the 1980s.