My Six Year Old Ain’t No Cross-Dresser

Little Janice is going to be Bob for a day and little Ralph will be Cindy, OK? Attention all kindergarten to Grade 8 students: Cross-dressing day is now canceled.  King City Public pull pulled the plug on the “Opposite Gender Day,” when kids as young as six would be allowed to come to school dressed as the opposite sex, following an outcry from parents.

“Opposite Gender Day has been canceled in the wake of concerns of parents,” said Ross Virgo, York Region District School Board spokesman.

“The idea of (kids) experiencing being people of the opposite gender has offended some people in the community, and the school doesn’t want to do that.”

The chance to dress as the opposite sex was voluntary for students from junior kindergarten to Grade 8, Virgo said.

It was proposed by the school’s student council to principal Karen Goan, he said.

“They discussed the fun the day might generate, plus how the experience might help boys and girls understand a bit more what it felt like to be a member of the opposite sex … that was the plan,” he said.

It was Goan who gave Opposite Gender Day the green light, and it was the principal who promptly canceled it early Thursday, Virgo said. Juan Smith, whose two young daughters are students at the school, didn’t like the idea at all.  “If this was so innocent, then why did the principal not stop this right away?” McVety said. “This was part of a greater agenda to teach gender identity … and to confuse our children at a young age, and to tell them they can’t be truly happy until they discover their inner (gender) identity.”  No surprise here that most parents freaked out!