Lady Gaga Perfume is Weird and Gross

Part of her allure is the fact that she is way over the top in everything she does but if this perfume actually goes to market with her blood in it, I will barf!!!  Now there has been some talk that there might also be semen in the perfume, will it be her own?

Adam Raymond over at MTV came up with some of his own favorite combos he would like to see:

+ Diarrhea and baby puke

+ Spoiled milk and foot sweat

+ Zit puss and Sunny D

+ The water from a Port-O-Potty and Natural Light

I thought of one of my own disgusting favs, Workout sweat and toe fungus!!  Now there is a scent that would sell I am sure…..maybe if Justin Bieber sponsored it!

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  1. I KNEW she is a hermaphrodite! Semen?!? Blood?!? No way! She’s a goth chick that has nice voice. I like NOTHING about her, but she sounds good.

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