Inmate Assaulted by Cow

And he is suing the government for $500k!!!  An inmate working at an Alberta prison farm is suing the Attorney-General of Canada for $500,000 after alleging he was badly injured by an “aggressive and dangerous” cow.

In a statement of claim filed Feb. 7 in Edmonton’s Court of Queen’s Bench, Leslie Roland Johnson says he was incarcerated in Bowden Institution at the time of the alleged Feb. 8, 2009, incident and was toiling as a laborer on the central Alberta penitentiary’s annexed farm.

Johnson alleges he was carrying out his farm duties when he was “aggressed” by the cow, which caused him to fall heavily and suffer serious injuries, including a broken bone in his shoulder.

The convict claims prison officials knew prior to the alleged incident that the cow in question was “aggressive and dangerous,” but says they breached their duties by failing to cull the animal from the herd or to warn him and take measures to protect him from the cow.

Johnson also alleges that he was not given prompt and appropriate medical attention for his injuries and says it was two months later before X-rays were arranged.

During this time, he says prison staff accused him of “faking his injury” and disciplined him for not carrying out his full employment duties.

As a result of his injuries and the delay in obtaining medical treatment, Johnson alleges he has suffered and continues to suffer “excruciating pain” and a loss of range of motion in his right shoulder.

He also says he required surgery and might require a further operation in the future and has been prevented from enjoying activities he had previously enjoyed.

As a federal prisoner, he alleges the Attorney-General of Canada had the obligation to take all reasonable measures to ensure his safety and security and to provide him with reasonable and appropriate medical care.

Johnson is seeking damages, including aggravated and punitive damages, in the amount of $500,000.

A statement of defence has not yet been filed. Statements of claim and statements of defence contain allegations which have not been proven in court.  And I thought the USA had the most stupid lawsuits ever!

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  1. Maybe if you hadn’t broken the law, you wouldn’t have been in that situation to begin with. This is just crocodile tears. You break the law, you take your risks!

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