I Love You Cause You Look Like Me?

This is straight out of a Seinfeld episode!

Years ago, New York writer Christina Bloom left her husband for a man who looked a lot like her. Now she’s launching a dating site that will help other people find their own romantic doppelgangers.

“I was married to my first husband and I fell in love with someone else, and I realized I didn’t have the chemistry with my first husband. I never did,” Bloom told QMI Agency from New York City.

She didn’t notice her similarity to her new partner at first, until friends started telling her they looked like brother and sister.

That got Bloom thinking about couples and chemistry, and she started to notice a trend of romantic partners who look alike.

“I became sort of fixated on it,” she said, noting that wherever she went, she would observe couples and see the trend show up again and again. “I believe that people are attracted to people with similar facial features from themselves.”

The site’s software looks at things like face shape and bone structure, she said, adding it won’t distinguish between people with different skin colours.

There are studies that back Bloom’s romantic theories. A 2009 study out of the University of St. Andrews showed women prefer men with similar facial features to their own. In a 2006 University of Liverpool study, participants asked to rate the attractiveness of a series of pictures gave the highest props to people who resembled them.

Nevertheless, Bloom doesn’t think romance is only skin deep.

“I don’t believe once you have this facial-feature match, you’re perfect for each other. I believe you have the necessary ingredients to go further,” she said.

Facial similarity amounts to chemistry, she said, but you still have to have compatibility.

That’s why Findyourfacemate.com will feature four categories. Facial similarity, style — because “A Versace is not going to be interested in a Brooks Brothers” — compatibility and values.

Bloom said for its first six months, the site will be “open for business but not ready for prime time.”  I don’t know but the love of my life looks nothing like me and I am thankful for that!

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