Gross, Pubic Hair Sandwich

This guy better watch his step in the future because I think the cops will have a sharp eye on him!  A New Jersey cook has been sentenced to 15 days in jail and two years probation after he put his chest and pubic hair into a sandwich to get back at a cop.

Ryan Burke, 27, pleaded guilty Oct. 12 to aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and retaliation for a past official action.

Court heard on Feb. 21, 2010, two police officers walked into a restaurant for a meal break. Burke was working and told Evesham Township Police he recognized one of the officers. Burke had refused to stop for the officer for a traffic violation in March 2009, which resulted in charges.

The officer ate part of the sandwich before discovering the hair.

Burke was sentenced Jan. 14, police said in a release on Wednesday. He will serve his time on weekends.

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