Glue Gun Assault

Police in St. John’s expect to lay charges in a workplace confrontation that involved an unusual weapon: a glue gun.

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary said an employee of Hearn Distributing is believed to have struck a truck driver on May 12 with a piece of metal. The driver was visiting the premises of the Mount Pearl beer-distributing company.

The truck driver then confronted the employee, who in turn responded with a glue gun.

Many community members who read the unusual story offered some cheeky quips.

“Stick em up!” wrote holyroodstudios.

Commenter Jasonf6 said it was a good thing the police were called. “It could have turned into a sticky situation.”

berdan riffed on the debate about Canada’s long-gun registry.

“Of course if this glue gun had been properly registered, then this never would have happened.”

“Obviously a case of male bonding!” joked Sentient Human.

Pumpkin eater channeled classic cop TV show Hawaii Five-O. “Scrap-book him, Danno.”

Only in Canada, eh?

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