Dumb Robber Catches Himself

An unusual weapon led to a tense, awkward standoff between a market owner and a robber the other day and in the end the would be robber knocked himself out.

As a Manassas, Va., store owner opened his business, a man barged in wielding a really big stick — taller than he was, it appears. A staff, really. As far as police are concerned, it was an armed robbery.

The store owner, Jugal Uppal, grabbed a hammer to defend himself.

At one point, the robber jumped the counter. Uppal grabbed the stick but didn’t hang on for long. He complied with the robber after being roughed up a little bit.  As the robber headed for the door with a reported $13 in quarters and dimes, the store owner threatened to know him out by throwing the hammer at him.  The thief got scared and tried to run through the door but his staff got wedged and he ran into into it head-first and knocked himself out cold!

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