Dumb Mom has Dumb Kid, Surprise!

I could think of many other ways to improve my kids grade point average than this!  Or at least make the sign legible!

After getting a GPA of 1.22 he was sent to the street corner for 4 hours with this sign –

“I did 4 questions on my FCAT and said I wasn’t going to do it … GPA 1.22 … honk if I needs education.”

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  1. I don’t see an “s” between “need” and “education” in the sign this kid is wearing. When I read the sign, the end part says “I need education”, not “I needs education”.

    However, the concept of the parent making the kid stand 4 hours on a street corner holding a sign is in itself stupid, since the child would be better served by a tutor or less time with the tv/computer games. So the mom is still stupid, just not stupid of writing “I needs education”.

  2. Someone on this site is equally as dumb–the sign does not say “needS- it displays the grammatically correct subject/verb agreement: I NEED….

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