Drop Dead Sexy

Sexy lingerie has reportedly become a hit among Malaysia’s ethnic Chinese, they buy them to offer to their dead relatives on the Qingming Festival this Friday. To mark the day, Chinese traditionally tend the graves of their departed loved ones and often burn paper money, model houses, cars, mobile phones and other goods as offerings to honour them and keep them comfortable in the afterlife.

But paper lingerie has become an increasingly popular offering for dead female relatives, Tan Lay Nah, owner of a paper model shop in the northern island state of Penang, told the Star daily. A matching set of floral underwear trimmed with gold-coloured studs costs four ringgit (1.25 dollars)

Malaysia’s Chinese will observe the Qingming Festival on April 4 where people will tend to the graves of their departed loved ones. She said many of the popular designs had already been sold out ahead of Friday’s festival. Sounds like a bit of a cash grab to me and kinda gross too.

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