Crazy, Weird Urinal

weird urinalNot sure what is more strange, this story or the fact that there is a restaurant name that combines the term ‘honest’ and ‘lawyer’ together!

A urinal shaped like a woman’s wide-open mouth has been flushed out of the men’s room of a Hamilton eatery following a nearly year-long public outcry.

The glossy, red-lipped loo at The Honest Lawyer restaurant sparked a letter writing campaign that attracted almost 1,100 people, including Ontario’s NDP leader and Hamilton’s mayor.

Some people argued the “Kisses! urinal” — manufactured by Bathroom Mania! in the Netherlands — was art or just a joke.

The Woman Abuse Working Group, a coalition of 24 organizations, disagreed and led efforts to oust what it considered to be an offensive water closet. Lenore Lukasik-Foss, chairwoman of the group, said Monday she’s “shocked, excited and thrilled” that it’s gone. “It’s not a joke to pee into a woman’s mouth,” she said. The group was concerned about women’s safety and the message the urinal, which had been there since the restaurant opened in February 2007, sent to men in the bar.

“They’re drinking and maybe hoping to connect with a special person and then they’re going to the bathroom and peeing into a woman’s mouth,” said Lukasik-Foss, who’s also director of the Sex Assault Centre. “Granted it’s sort of a cartoonish version, but still it’s clearly a woman’s mouth.”

Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, who had sent a letter to owner Greg Sandwell asking him to consider the outcry from women’s groups, said she was pleased it had been removed. “It was something that was causing a great deal of concern around the Hamilton area,” said Horwath, who represents the riding in which the restaurant is located.

“I’ve been to the Honest Lawyer with many different people, including men, and nobody ever gave me the heads up.” Sandwell could not immediately be reached for comment. On its website, the manufacturer says “‘Kisses!’ transforms a daily event into a blushing experience.” It also adds: “This is one target men will never miss.”

Meike van Schijndel said in an email from Holland that she devised the design for an art school project, and lots of men and women like the “cartoonish looking mouth.”

“The thought that this urinal only represents a man peeing in a woman’s mouth never even occurred to me while making it,” said van Schijndel, who added interpretation of her work lies in people’s imaginations. “Luckily for all those women who feel offended, they will never run into a ‘Kisses’ at a restroom.”

While the designer defends the urinals as sensual art, a complaint led a McDonald’s outlet in The Netherlands to remove them in 2006. The complainant was an American who saw her work in a magazine, not in real life, said van Schijndel.

The designer said a “bad” copy of her work was removed from a public washroom near Austria’s national opera in Vienna in 2006 after complaints from politicians. In 2004, Virgin Airways apologized and ditched plans to install a pair at its lounge at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport after the National Organization for Women called them “degrading.”

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  1. Yeah, this is stupid as hell . Cause I just bet the person who designed this thought, “Hey were gonna put women in their place by pissing in this urinal!” Not everything is meant to be demeaning so grow up people.

  2. Who says those lips are of a woman? You know how many guys wear lipstick? More than many of you apparently think!

  3. Since the place opened in 2007, has the rate of violent crimes in the area increased? If so, were those crimes committed by patrons of the establishment with the disgusting urinal?

    If the answer is no, then I think we have to ask ourselves, “WHO CARES?”

  4. That’s just plain weird. But every person is entitled to their opinion. I think they should let the ones already installed alone, but make sure no new ones are installed

  5. women cannot physically use a urinal, so…i ask you, why do they give the slightest shit what our bathrooms look like? heres the answer, badgering nags who need society to conform to their expectations, yet in their view, free and expressive. yes, i said it people. hippy feminists…hate.

  6. Wow—Thank you women of that orignization for giving new meaning to the statement that women will bitch and nag about everything. grow a sense of humor, hell im done with that person making a mans mouth for womens bathrooms!! its all in good fun, and people need to stop reading into shit as offensive when its just a haha funny joke.

  7. If you look at the article this was designed by a woman, but leave it to some jacka** to go to the thoughts of it will make men think that peeing in a womans mouth is ok. Some people need to get a life. Lets make some toilets for the ladies with mens mouths…. Us men will not care…

  8. its a toilet not a real women, chicks these days are so touchy, if you say or do one wrong thing they are there to crusify you. to all you feminist out there SHUT THE HELL UP no one cares what you think anyway. it was ment to be a joke, and a women designed it get over it

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