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  1. I agree with the woman who left a comment before me. How does anyone manage to do that? Well….I guess its kids just being kids…

  2. The child most likely inserted one of the keys in his nostril and then immediately thereafter fell or was hit with something hard in the front of his face…thus causing the keys to lodge in his sinuses and it looks like one of his eye sockets. Poor kid. What an aweful accident.

  3. like seriously, the person before me is seriously deranged. That kid might as well fell of a building and you would have still been laughing. Idiot!

  4. I also think this x ray is fake!! If you look close you will see the bottom key about a millimeter or so above the child’s upper lip. This would mean that the key did not go up his/her nose, but through the upper teeth and bone just below the cartiliage of the nose. There is no way this is possible unless someone literally drilled the keys through this kid’s skull bone. On top of that, the broken bone fragments of the impact would be seen floating around the pointed ends of the keys and the entry wounds. I dont care how hard you fall or get hit, this photo is impossible!

  5. If indeed this is a real xray, which I really doubt, the keys are on his face not in it. I work with these every single day and thats not possible.

  6. if that is real i would never want to see what it looks like i would never want to see one of my kids n such agoney, that is a terible sight. i hope it is fake for the childs sake.

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