Crazy Prisoner Dines on Cellmates Fried Lung

Warning, this story is totally crazy and sick!  This guy should be locked up like Hannibal Lector.

canibal crazy

France’s “Hannibal Lecter” said Wednesday a sexual urge drove him to kill his cellmate and “curiosity” about the taste of human flesh led him to cook and eat a lung he ripped out of the corpse.  He said he flew into an “uncontrollable” rage after his victim gave him a “dirty look” on January 2, 2007 after he ordered him to wash his hands after using the toilet in the tiny cell they shared with a third inmate in Rouen.

He said that after pummelling his victim, he took a pair of scissors and plunged it into his back, neck and chest a dozen times before holding a plastic bag over his head “for five minutes” to make sure he was dead. Then he decided to eat Baudry’s heart for his evening meal. “I take a razor blade and I open his chest. I plunge my hand in and I take out what I think is the heart but which in fact is a piece of lung, which I put into a Tupperware container,” he told a transfixed courtroom. “I did it out of curiosity to see what it was like to eat human flesh,” said Cocaign.

“What is terrible is that it (the lung) was good,” Cocaign told him, according to his testimony. “It has the taste of venison. It is tender. What I did I liked doing.”  “No one was listening to me,” the detainee said. “I took action, and then they took me seriously.”

Totally crazy and a nut-case!  This guy needs to be put in solidarity confinement for the rest of his life.

21 replies on “Crazy Prisoner Dines on Cellmates Fried Lung”

  1. Wow France sure supplies a lot of dangerous stuff to their prisoners! scissors..razor..tupperware..lg plastic bags, incredible!

  2. Hahaha, ya CB maybe they supply them with the items to cull the prisoner population.

  3. What kind of prison is that. Not only do they allow all those weapons but mo one heard the yelling and screaming that the dead had to make while getting stabbed and how did he cook the lung do they have stoves/hot plates in their cells. I bet his other cell mate doesn’t have to be told to was his hands.

  4. I can see a movie on the horizon, a jail riot and they hold all the guards hostage for a month until they are all eaten.

  5. Oh wow thats just wicked!!! That children is called cannibalism and is frowned upon in most societies. 😉

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