Crazy Murder – Beheading!

A graduate student from China was murdered at Virginia Tech. The alleged killer, also Chinese, decapitated her with a kitchen knife at a local coffee shop.
crazy beheading Xin Yang, a Beijing native, had met her accused attacker, 25-year-old Haiyang Zhu, through the 500-strong Chinese community at VTech. The two attended several functions together, and he was listed on her emergency contacts. But on Wednesday, seemingly apropos of nothing, he pulled out a kitchen knife in a cafe at the Graduate Life Center.

Witnesses said the two had not been arguing before the attack, and that there hadn’t been previous signs of trouble between them. Zhu has been charged with first-degree murder.  This guy even looks psycho but maybe that is because I know he is.

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  1. If there were people watching why didn’t they try to stop it. I mean really. I think it would take some time to cut some ones head off with a kitchen knife. In that time someone could have done something to help.

  2. lol amen! to johnie ….thats just ridiculous……HER HEAD!!!! off with a kitchen knife!? thats somethin you dont see everyday lol lol

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