Crazy Kick a Jew or Red Head Day

It seems stupidity knows no bounds!  In LA, three boys were booked on suspicion of bullying or kicking red-haired students at a middle school when a “Kick a Ginger Day” prank inspired by a “South Park” episode got out of hand, authorities said Monday.

And over in the sunshine state, at least ten students at a Florida middle school assaulted or encouraged assault of Jewish classmates in what they called “Kick a Jew Day”. It was not the first incident of its kind. One student told the local NBC television station correspondent that the phenomenon was “very widespread, happening all over school.” In a letter to school officials, the parents of a Jewish student said that their daughter was taunted and kicked by several other students. “Apparently many kids, all Jewish, were kicked during the day,” the parent wrote.

Perhaps this was all started by a Jew, Borat…in his movie Sacha Baron Cohen talked about the running of the Jews.

Borat Sagdiyev is perhaps the most famous anti-Semite in America, a visiting Kazakh journalist who has been known to ask a shop owner which guns are best for hunting Jews and to revel in his native village’s annual celebration, “The Running of the Jews.”

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  1. I’d be careful in kicking a Redhead, or haven’t you heard we usually win the fights? Redheads are very tough, and can kick butts better than most, because we’ve had so much training from childhood from being teased, and bullied. I learned to whip many a bullies butt many times in my years on this earth.

  2. Whats really funny is that you cite borat like hes a real person..

    and yes, gingies do usualy win fights, its due to the iron content in their DNA scientists have discovered giving them their rusty bonnets and steel like muscles ..but wait maybe their pastie skin,freckles and high intollerance to sunlight is a biproduct of them being descendant of ninja vampires…or maybe theyre just gings!

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