Crazy Act of Bravery by Police Officer

Here is a strange little story about bravery in the line of duty? Real brave officers tasers a 72 year old woman?

A 72-year-old woman who refused to sign her speeding ticket got out of her truck and dared a deputy to shock her with a Taser. So he did. Video released by a Travis County Constable’s Office shows Kathryn Winkfein hitting the ground and moaning while the shocks jolted through her body after the May 11 confrontation with Travis County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Bieze.

Winkfein was stopped for driving 60 mph (96 kilometre) in a 45-mph (72-kilometre) zone just west of Austin. A dashboard camera in the deputy’s car shows the 4-foot-11 (1.5 metres) Winkfein refusing to sign her speeding ticket, getting out of her white pickup truck and cursing at the deputy constable.

Bieze then pushes her to get her away from traffic. “If you don’t step back, you’re going to get Tased,” Bieze says. “Go ahead, Tase me,” Winkfein says. “I dare you.”

The video shows Bieze using the Taser and Winkfein hitting the ground and moaning in pain. “Put your hands behind your back or you’re going to be Tased again,” Bieze yells, and then hits her with another jolt. Travis County Sheriff Greg Hamilton, whose office does not oversee the constables, issued a statement Wednesday saying:

“I do not personally agree with the actions of the deputy constable as they are shown in the video. When I look at the video I am in awe of what happened.” Winkfein was eventually charged with resisting arrest, a misdemeanour punishable by up to a year in jail and fines up to $4,000.

A telephone message left with Constable Sgt. Maj. Gary Griffin of the constable’s office was not immediately returned Wednesday. Telephone calls to a number listed for Kathryn Winkfein in Marble Falls, about 50 miles (80 kilometres) west of Austin, went unanswered.

Griffin has defended Bieze’s actions and said that Winkfein was belligerent and difficult to handle. Winkfein previously told Austin television station KTBC that she didn’t believe she deserved to be shocked. “I wasn’t argumentative, I was not combative. This is a lie,” she told the station. This cop should definitely receive a medal for this act of bravery, I am sure his fellow officers will not let him live this one down.

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  1. she got what she deserved. it should be anyone that breaks the law should pay the consequences. she refused, verbally assaulted the officer, taunted the officer, resisted…… she asked for it and her smart mouth got what she asked for. good for the officer. if more officers would do there job like that the average citizen would be living in a safer environment.

  2. This is why police are having such trouble; they shouldn’t be treating tasers as if they were a replacement for handcuffs or batons. They should be treating them as a replacement for a firearm. Used in that way, they drastically reduce the injury and death that can occur during arrests; but using them just to subdue unarmed people is nothing but abuse, and they deserve all the criticism they get.

    The officer should have just overpowered her and handcuffed her; using the taser was entirely unnecessary, and an abuse of his power.

  3. Why didn’t the officer just put handcuffs on her? I don’t think it was necessary to taser the lady. He just used the taser on her because she was beligerent and dared him to, which was not too bright on her part.

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  5. I dont it was right to tased the lady because of her age, but the officer was doing his job and as we can see the officer do follow the rules. 🙂

  6. I think the power hungry cop should grow some…he could have easily restrained a 4ft. 11, 70 year old lady. If she had any sort of heart condition she could have died…

  7. How is this woman a threat to society? We pay the police to keep us safe, they are our employees – our tax dollars pay their salaries. So tell me how harassing a woman who is clearly not a threat is at all justified. This office just has an ego problem and couldn’t take a woman not complying with his orders.

  8. she was speeding and that is breaking the law. she got what a law breaker deserves. now she should lose her licence.

  9. He should be fired!!! She was an elderly woman who posed no threat,bet she’s glad she didn’t say “SHOOT ME….I DARE YOU!” You know elderly people…. SET IN THEIR WAYS! UNCALLED FOR!

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