Crazy 8 Million Dollar iPhone

Some of you like me may have grown up watching The Six Million Dollar Man, but how about an $8,000,000 iPhone? Stuart Hughes, the British jeweler known for his expensive remakes of popular gadgets, is at it again, this time with a diamond-clad iPhone 4 with a price tag of 5 million pounds, or roughly $8 million.The handmade bezel contains approximately 500 individual flawless diamonds that total more than 100 carats; there’s 53 additional diamonds in the back, and the main navigation button is made of platinum, holding a single cut 7.4 carat pink diamond. If you know diamonds, all of this probably means something to you; to us, it just sounds really, really expensive.

8 million dollar iphone image diamonds

Only two of these will ever be made, so don’t worry: if you buy one, the chances of bumping into someone who has the exact same phone at a party are quite slim.  And to think I am afraid to drop my current iPhone, with this one I would need a bullet-proof case!

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  1. haha this author is pretty funny:) but a 8 million dollar iphone? whats the point of course the person wouldnt use it it would just sit somewhere its pointless except for the person selling it??

  2. diamond is the hardest stone so you dont need any type of bullet proof case, drop it all day long the diamonds will never scratch

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