Coke Smuggled into USA in Dirty Diapers

This next story is more than a bit gross!  Apparently an East Boston woman attempted to smuggle in over 12 lbs. of cocaine in a bag full of dirty diapers.  Her excuse is that she had no idea what was in the bag and was being used as a mule.  She told authorities that a woman approached her at the airport in Mexico and paid her $300 USD to bring back a piece of luggage with gifts in it.  She was told a relative at the Boston airport by the name of Juan would approach her and pick up the luggage.

The 12 lbs. of coke were discovered when other passengers apparently complained of a foul smell emanating from this piece of carry-on luggage.  According to a police report, the luggage was opened by the accused, using a key and inside they found a plastic bag with 20 soiled diapers and 12 one pound bags of pure cocaine wrapped inside.

My guess is she will spend a lot of years in jail with her unbelievable story.

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  1. The last bag on the pile on the right looks like it still have some poop hanging from it!!

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