Chicago Teacher Fired for Dismembered Doll Project

Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley commented on the firing of Morty Finjaro from the Forest Glen Public school, saying; “this guy is sick and there is no place for that type of twisted thinking in our schools”.

It seems ‘work-shop’ teacher Morty Finjaro brought in a box of old dolls and told his grade nine class to ‘rip ’em apart and build something cool’, below is an example of what student Jerry Fumme brought home to the horror of his parents!

gross image

Mr.Finjaro is suspended without pay, pending a school board hearing on June 30, 2009.  We were able to contact him via phone and when asked why he gave his student such an inappropriate project, he replied, “The world is a sick and scary place, better the kids learn it here in school than out on the streets.”

Update:  As this is posted under ‘mostly true news” (in this case it should probably be categorized as ‘mostly fake news’) I would like to credit Karen Booker for this cool original piece of controversial art and the photo itself.  And if you want to own your very own dismembered doll hooktastic item you can buy yourself one here.

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  1. Sick? Sick is perspective. Sick is the state of mind, the being of that state, to be sickened by what one sees is merely a showing of ones lack of humor and understanding of human nature.

  2. I wish I had him as a teacher when I was in school. I had a few art teachers that would allow very bizarre and tasteless works to pass, but they never encouraged anything strange.

    I personally like the baby limb hook wrack. I think the boy’s parents are to fragile.

  3. Sick is the teacher who stood the 9yr old autistic student up infront of her class and had them shout things they hated about him being “voting him out of the class” survivor style. Really sick is that she got to KEEP her job. This is nothing, there grade 9 students, they dont need to be sheltered and coddled.

  4. I’m 8 years old I think it is twisted awesome!! I hope I get a shop teacher like that that makes things out of junk. recycling is good.

  5. Not only is this a great work of art, but a great project to reuse old dolls that otherwise would’ve been wasted in a landfill. I’m more offended that they want to fire the teacher for such a stupid reason.

  6. I think that’s damned clever. A real conversation piece. That teacher should be rewarded for thinking outside the box and making learning interesting and relevant, rather than being fired.

  7. Just because someone has copied the pictured item as is making money selling the copies, it doesn’t mean the story is fake.

  8. I am a studying teacher at the moment. I love the idea. Not enough teachers encouraging the use of the imagination!

    If he is fired ot will be an outrage!!!!!!

  9. Yeah, I think its retarded for the teacher to be fired over that! When I was in highschool my art teacher would have thought that was very creative, as do I.. Kids should definitely learn to be creative like that in life instead of being held back..

  10. I can’t believe that people get their undies in a bunch so easily. Would this have been so inappropriate if it had been an art teacher? Give the man some credit for finding a way to give the kids a project that is “outside the box.”

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