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  1. Obviously it’s some sort of hairstyling device – she’s gone from having a single ponytail to pigtails. The grimace is due to said pigtails being pulled too tightly.

  2. Kendal and Kayla you are both idiots…you can’t figure out what it does?? Who the hell not? Everyone else figured it out. Here’s some tips. #1 Look at the url. It says chew-your-food, so perhaps it has something to do with that. #2 read the other comments, they usually pertain to webpage. #3 Use your brain. It’s device under a girls chin, it shows the number 30. Maybe, just maybe it counts the number of times you chew. What else do you think it could be? An mp3 player? No, wait, it doesn’t go in her ear. Sunglasses? Hmmm, no, it’s not over her eyes. Wow, you people are incredibly stupid.

  3. It’s a muscle stimulant that forces the mandible to open and close without effort. Simple you don’t want to chew we’ll force it out of you. Hence a torture device designed to force the child or user to chew their food said specific times; like it or not. So if the child takes it off what do you do beat them into submission?

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