Kids Wants Longer Jail Term to Hang with Stepdad

I smell a lifer here.  A teen criminal asked to be sentenced to more than the six months recommended by his lawyer and the crown so he could spend extra time with his cellmate – his stepfather.

The defence lawyer for Justin Beynen, 18, and an assistant Crown attorney were asking a Sudbury judge Thursday for a six-month term for a string of convictions.

But Beynen wanted more time in jail so he could spend it with his cellmate and stepfather, Jason Hastings.

Beynen explained to Ontario Court Justice Normand Glaude he has nowhere to stay when he gets out of jail until Hastings is released in October.

Beynen was hoping for a nine-month sentence so they could stay remain cellmates.

Glaude said the courts are not a social agency, but sentenced the teen to the requested nine-month term after hearing the facts of the case.

Beynen pleaded guilty Thursday to two counts of breach of probation, dangerous driving, failing to stop for police, theft of a vehicle, possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking and driving without a licence.

Beynen was spotted by police April 4 driving at high speeds through a neighbourhood, hitting a no parking sign and three parked vehicles before finally stopping, assistant Crown attorney Len Walker said.

Police found 17 grams of marijuana, a knife and six cans of beer inside the vehicle, which had been stolen, Walker said.

Beynen was on a probation at the time and prohibited from having knives. He also didn’t have a driver’s licence and wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, Walker said.

The other breach of probation charge was for repeatedly missing appointments with his probation officer during March, court heard.

Court was told Beynen’s mother is a drug addict and his biological father was shot and killed when Beynen was a child. Beynen has been in custody since his April 4 arrest and sharing a cell with his stepfather.

That Bullet Gives Me a Headache

Can you say pass the ADVIL!! A Chinese man has had a bullet removed from his head after being shot 23 years ago.

Wang Tianqing, who lives in the northern province of Hebei, said he was walking home from work in 1988 when he was hit in the head by what he thought was a slingshot, the U.K. Telegraph reported.

He started to have epileptic seizures.

“At first, the convulsion only happened once a month, but later it was two or three times a day,” he told a local television station.

Wang Zhiming, a neurosurgeon, said since the skull was very solid, it was able to slow down the bullet’s speed of penetration.

“If the bullet had hit with greater force and to the right, Wang would have died,” he said.

The two-centimetre rusted bullet was removed recently at a local hospital.

Crappy Mailman

From the yuck files. An Oregon mailman has been suspended for making an unwanted delivery.

The postman was captured on camera by a Portland homeowner as he defecated in a yard near some bushes Wednesday while on his postal route, KGW-TV reported.

Don Derfler saw the shocking act through his living room window.

“He started pulling his pants down and started defecating, and at that point I grabbed my camera and started to take pictures,” Derfler told the local news station.

He was baffled by the incident.

“This is how they respect our property?” he said. “It’s just not right, and it’s also a biohazard.”

U.S. Postal Service officials apologized to the public, and suspended the mailman without pay pending an investigation.  But you know the saying, “if you gotta go, you gotta go”!

Statue Needs Breast Reduction

The mayor of a town in France has thrown a patriotic female statue out of his town hall because its breasts were too big, his aides said on Friday.

The terracotta bust of Marianne — the traditional female embodiment of the French Republic in a Phrygian cap — was an original work by a local artist, installed in 2007 at the town hall in Neuville-en-Ferrain, population 10,000.

“It was making people gossip,” said one town hall employee who asked not to be named. “Remarks were made, during weddings for example.”

Mayor Gerard Cordon persuaded councillors to approve 900 euros (1,280 dollars) in this year’s budget to buy a replacement, a more conventional bust of Marianne modelled on the statuesque French model Laetitia Casta.

The artist who made the rejected bust, Catherine Lamacque, said she gave it outsized breasts deliberately, “to symbolise the generosity of the Republic.”

The town hall bought her terracotta statue in 2007 for 1,400 euros.  I wonder if they will settle on a breast reduction?

Toronto Man Hits Useless Milestone

Ok, from the archives of ‘who really cares’ and ‘buddy get a life’ we have Canada’s “Pub Guy” Bill Perrie who has a dream job that allows him to travel around the country in search of bars to drink his favorite brew.

Perrie, 53, of Stouffville, Ont., located 50 km northeast of Toronto, was nursing a cold one at one of his favorite watering holes in the city, the Firkin on King, on Thursday to mark his 2,500 bar visit.

He was accompanied by friends and fellow beer aficionados who openly profess their love for suds.

“It has been a labour of love,” said Perrie, who has written seven books on Canadian pubs. “The people is what makes a good pub great.”

Perrie, who has an Internet radio show and is a columnist for Pub Magazine, has been traveling the country since 1999 checking out pubs. He has racked up thousands of kilometers in search of “hidden gems.”

“I did not set out to visit as many pubs as I could,” Perrie said. “I am always on a quest to find great local and hidden gems.”

His interest in pubs date back to his days in Scotland, where “bars were like a community center that people attended everyday after work to catch up with friends.”  Firkin general manager Dan Targonsky said Perrie could have gone to any the GTA’s 2,500 pubs to mark his milestone visit.

OK, maybe I am just a tad jealous of this guys job, aren’t you?

More Bad Parenting

It is always a good idea to teach a kid the value of money but this is going a tad bit too far! A Bonita Springs woman is accused of skipping out on a restaurant bill, leaving her 12-year-old daughter behind and then calling the Sheriff’s Office to say her daughter was kidnapped.

Melissa Ashley Graham, 38, of the 28000 block of Vermillion Lane, was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor/causing a minor to become needy and with obstruction of a criminal investigation/filing a false report about a missing person.

According to Lee County Sheriff’s Office reports:

Deputies were called to Bonefish Grill, 26381 U.S. 41 South in Bonita Springs, about a woman who didn’t pay her bill and left her daughter behind.

Matthew McNeff, the restaurant manager, told deputies the girl told him her mother was outside.

They walked outside and found Graham in her car. Graham said she left a credit card on the table to pay the bill. He told Graham the card wasn’t on the table and he needed another form of payment.

The mother said she was with someone named Pagellis and that person would get the money. The girl said they were not with a person named Pagellis, which is the name of a restaurant. The mother then left the parking lot.

Deputies spoke with the girl, who said Graham had ordered dinner and a bottle of wine and drank two or three glasses. Her mother then “began to act weird, spit out her bread on the table and shoved her food across the table” and told the girl to “get a box.” The mother left and the girl waited for her return.

Graham called her daughter on a cellular telephone, asked where she was and then disconnected the call. Deputies attempted to call Graham back, but she did not answer.

About an hour later, Graham called 911 and said her daughter was abducted from the restaurant by two Hispanic or dark-colored men, about 20 to 30 years old, driving a light colored or cream sedan.

At first Graham declined to speak with detectives, but changed her mind and gave a statement. The Florida Department of Children and Family Services took custody of the girl.

Graham claims she is an attorney, but a search of the Florida Bar Association website did not find a person by that name.  Just another wack-job if you ask me.

Those Romantic Canucks

Those crazy Canadians were saying “be my valentine, Valentine” on Valentines Day! It seems Canadians have a romantic soft spot when it comes to names, genealogical experts say.

Digging up census results from 1861, officials discovered 580 people had the first name Valentine, and 100 others shared the surname.

They also found 14 people had the first name Amor, while 18 had it as their last name. And there were also dreamy names like Love Bully, Cupid Martin and Venus Antahia.

Other romantic names in the country’s history include Love Burns, a 13-year-old from Harbourville, N.S., during the 1871 census. There was also Lover Woo, who arrived in Canada from China in 1907 and lived in Humboldt, Sask., at the time of the 1911 census.

Then there was Bad Heart Lasuisse, a 70-year-old widower who lived with family members in the Territories in 1901.

“These records show that Canadians throughout history have had a penchant for romance,” managing director for Roger Dunbar said in a release.  I believe this to be true, being Canadian myself!!  Love ya all!