Weird News Headlines of the Week

– A smoker who died after battling emphysema has had his dying wish granted with the placement of a “Smoking killed me” sign on his hearse and his grave.  Great idea! – A newlywed couple spent their wedding night in separate jail cells after police said the bride tried to run over an old flame […]

Weird News Headlines for the Week

– Yummy! Burger King is opening a restaurant in Miami Beach that will serve beer along with burgers and fries, the chain’s first U.S. location with alcohol. – Put down the Mexican food! An Alaska man who hit a Taco Bell manager in the face with a double-decker taco has been sentenced to one day […]

Having an Affair is a Crime

There was a slight uproar locally when Ashley Madison (dating service for cheaters) wanted to buy some extravagant advertising on TTC buses over in Toronto.  It seems that New Hampshire has the right idea but even they are thinking of moving out of the 19th century. In Concord, N.H, Originally the punishments — including standing […]

Funny Memo from Chop Shop – Even Thiefs Hate the Dodge Caravan

Very funny memo from a chop-shop, here is the text if you can’t read all the writing:  As of December 1st 2009 I don’t want to see anymore fucking Dodge Caravans in here, especially the newer ones 2007/7008/2009 they are worthless and I won’t pay even a penny for them.  Don’t even bother stealing them […]

Crazy Kick a Jew or Red Head Day

It seems stupidity knows no bounds!  In LA, three boys were booked on suspicion of bullying or kicking red-haired students at a middle school when a “Kick a Ginger Day” prank inspired by a “South Park” episode got out of hand, authorities said Monday. And over in the sunshine state, at least ten students at […]

Only in Canada – No Picking (your nose) Law

For those of you not following the news over in the Great White North I will fill you in a little bit.  Last month the ‘distracted driving’ law came into effect, where-as you will not be able to chat away on a cell phone while driving without risk of incurring a fine of up to […]