Dog with Two Legs – 2 Legged Doggie

An amazing story about a dog born without front legs to a junkyard dog around Christmas 2002, Faith the puppy was rejected and abused by her mother. She was rescued by Rueben, now an Army E-4 specialist, who had been asked to bury other puppies in the litter. For many, Faith brings a powerful message […]

Having an Affair is a Crime

There was a slight uproar locally when Ashley Madison (dating service for cheaters) wanted to buy some extravagant advertising on TTC buses over in Toronto.  It seems that New Hampshire has the right idea but even they are thinking of moving out of the 19th century. In Concord, N.H, Originally the punishments — including standing […]

Funny Memo from Chop Shop – Even Thiefs Hate the Dodge Caravan

Very funny memo from a chop-shop, here is the text if you can’t read all the writing:  As of December 1st 2009 I don’t want to see anymore fucking Dodge Caravans in here, especially the newer ones 2007/7008/2009 they are worthless and I won’t pay even a penny for them.  Don’t even bother stealing them […]

Top 10 Weird ‘Looks’ to Avoid this Holiday Season

The birthday suit gift presentation! The really horrible ugly sweater present! Don’t torture your pet for Christmas! Watch out for this type of Santa! Please not torturing the kids this season! Be careful who you let decorate the gingerbread house! Hope you have been good, because here comes crazy Santa! Just have to squeeze in […]

Crazy Kick a Jew or Red Head Day

It seems stupidity knows no bounds!  In LA, three boys were booked on suspicion of bullying or kicking red-haired students at a middle school when a “Kick a Ginger Day” prank inspired by a “South Park” episode got out of hand, authorities said Monday. And over in the sunshine state, at least ten students at […]

Top Weird News and Happy Endings

– Toddler survives 30 foot fall and is doing fine, just a cut and bruise to show for it!  Gotta love a happy ending, especially considering he fell onto concrete and rocks. – Bear goes into grocery store, shoppers in a Wisconsin grocery store got an unexpected surprise when a 125-pound (58-kilogram) black bear wandered […]

Weird Science Awards

The annual IG Nobel Prize awards are almost here again and I thought I would list some of the funnier science related ones: MEDICINE PRIZE: Donald L. Unger, of Thousand Oaks, California, USA, for investigating a possible cause of arthritis of the fingers, by diligently cracking the knuckles of his left hand — but never […]