Spiderman is Black

First it was the US president now we find out that Spiderman himself might just be a black man and I don’t mean Venom, I mean a real black guy!  This iPhone photo was intercepted by the Canadian government, it seems Spidey himself owns an iPhone and took a picture of himself while he was preparing to put on his mask.

iphone spiderman

Have you heard the one about the Pope?

An Italian comic who said Pope Benedict would be punished in hell for the church’s treatment of homosexuals was spared possible prosecution on Thursday when the government blocked an investigation against her.

Sabina Guzzanti, one of Italy’s most biting political satirists, made the remarks before a cheering crowd of thousands gathered at Rome’s Piazza Navona in July.

A Rome prosecutor suspected the comments broke a law protecting the honor and dignity of the leader of 1.1 billion Roman Catholics under a 1929 Italian treaty with the Vatican.

But the treaty, signed by fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, required government approval before the investigation could go forward. Justice Minister Angelino Alfano decided to block it.

“I decided not to authorize it, knowing well the stature and capacity of the pope for forgiveness,” Alfano told Italian media.

The Vatican said it considered the case closed and added there was no point dredging up the “deplorable” comments in a legal battle.

“The justice minister’s decision was wise,” Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi told Ansa news agency.

“The Pope’s authority is far too superior to be dented (by the comments) and, in his magnanimity, he considers the case closed.”

Among the Lateran Treaties that established Vatican City as a sovereign state within Italy, the treaty provided that offences against the pontiff be punished the same way as offences against Italy’s president.

Offences against the president can be punished with five years in prison.

The possibility that Guzzanti could be jailed outraged proponents of free speech, both among the opposition centre-left and Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative majority.

Guzzanti is famous for her criticisms and impersonations of media mogul Berlusconi and has long complained of media censorship in Italy. Her television show “Raiot” was taken off the air in 2003 after a defamation suit from Berlusconi’s broadcaster Mediaset.

Her explicit comments about the pope were widely published by Italian media and posted on the Internet. Btw have you ever heard the one about the Pope, the Rabbi and Peter Pan? — Whoops forget it!

Airplane Ride in the Toilet?

A New York man who says he was denied a seat on a five-hour jetBlue flight and was instead told to “hang out” in the plane’s bathroom has sued the airline for $2 million, saying he suffered “extreme humiliation.”  The man, Gokhan Mutlu arrived to check in for a jetBlue flight from San Diego to New York and was told the flight was full, according to the lawsuit filed in New York State Supreme Court.

But Mutlu was allowed to board after a jetBlue flight attendant agreed to give up her seat and travel in an airline employee “jump seat.” It was not clear in the lawsuit whether the flight attendant was working. However 90 minutes into the flight, the pilot told Mutlu the flight attendant was uncomfortable and he would have to give up his seat and “hang out” in the bathroom for the remainder of the flight, the lawsuit said.

The pilot “became angry at his reluctance to comply” and said Mutlu “should be grateful for being onboard,” the lawsuit said. When Mutlu volunteered to sit in the “jump seat,” he was told it was reserved for airline personnel. At one point, the airplane experienced turbulence and Mutlu sat on the toilet seat without a seat belt, causing him “tremendous fear,” the lawsuit said.

JetBlue was not immediately available for comment. At least if the fear caused him to ‘shit himself’ he was in the right place.  Seriously though, why would jetBlue not try and settle this by giving him free airfare or something.  The story is an embarrassment to the company.

4 Hairs for $17,000!

It probably is not even really George Washington’s hair – but it still sold for $17,000.  Four strands reportedly clipped from the first president were sold at auction Friday night to a Richmond man who declined to give his name. Colorado resident Christa Allen said her father, a Philadelphia lawyer, had given her the hair, which was pressed under glass in a locket and accompanied by a watch.

Allen told potential buyers that the hair had been handed down since it was clipped from Washington’s head. The Historical Society of Montgomery County, Pa., inspected Allen’s evidence and gave her its backing.

Jamie Bates, owner of Thompson & Riley, which auctioned the hair, had hoped it would bring at least $75,000.  “I’ve never sold George Washington’s hair before; I don’t know,” Bates said before the auction.  The hair is believed to have been snipped from Washington when he was briefly disinterred in 1837.  I wonder if they can do a DNA test on it?