Weird Auction – Coffin

For the JFK-assassination conspiracy junkie who has everything: L ee Harvey Oswald’s coffin. Body not included. A Los Angeles auction house said on Tuesday it would sell the simple pine coffin in which the suspected assassin of President John F. Kennedy was buried for almost 20 years. Bidding will start at $1,000, but the item […]

Weird News Headlines

– A dating website has launched a “virtual sperm bank” meant to help users maximize their chances of having attractive children. is a site that promotes itself as having “a strict ban on ugly people.” Whatever happened to ‘beauty is in the eye-of-the-beholder? –  Police in Tennessee are still deciding if they should charge […]

Top 10 Weird ‘Looks’ to Avoid this Holiday Season

The birthday suit gift presentation! The really horrible ugly sweater present! Don’t torture your pet for Christmas! Watch out for this type of Santa! Please not torturing the kids this season! Be careful who you let decorate the gingerbread house! Hope you have been good, because here comes crazy Santa! Just have to squeeze in […]