Weird Presidential Pardon

In 1829, George Wilson and an accomplice received death sentences for murder and robbing mail trains. His accomplice quickly took a trip to the gallows, but Wilson had influential friends in Washington. These friends beseeched Andrew Jackson for leniency on behalf of their friend, and Old Hickory relented. In 1830, he pardoned Wilson for his […]

The Gaza Conflict

So with international condemnation of Israel are we to honestly believe that they are the evil ones?  Civilians keep dying in Gaza because Hamas does not wear military uniforms and they launch rockets from residential neighbourhoods.  This little cartoon pretty much says it all. What do you think?

Do your kids want to learn to kill with their mind?

Toy maker Uncle Milton has introduced Force Trainer, a game that utilizes NeuroSky’s brainwave-controlled gaming technology. In a manner similar to the Mind Flex we got our heads on at CES, the young Jedi dons a wireless headset that communicates with a simplified EEG. If you focus well enough, the “training sphere” rises in a […]

Squirrel Flavoured Chips – Gross!

There are times when I actually think the folks in the UK are pretty cool and kinda fun but this article makes me want to barf but I have heard squirrels taste a lot like chicken!  Chilli and chocolate, crispy duck with hoisin sauce and Cajun squirrel are among a tastebud-testing new range of crisp […]

News on the next 9/11 – Onion style

The Onion really cracks me up. I guess enough time has passed since 9/11 that they can get away with this very funny tongue-in-cheek article. Here are my favorite excerpts: In an alarming development with wide-reaching implications for America’s safety, Department of Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff and CIA Director Michael Hayden issued a joint […]

This story is a bit fishy

Ok, I admit to writing this post because I liked the title I could use. Two sushi bar owners paid more than $100,000 for a Japanese bluefin tuna at a Tokyo fish auction Monday, about ten times the average price and the highest in nearly a decade, market officials said. The 282-pound (128-kilogram) premium tuna […]

Hot Sunny Beach with Cold Sand

Only in Dubia, will you find this type of idea coming to fruition.  he Palazzo Versace hotel is building a beach with refrigerated sand.The small beach will protect guests’ precious feet by piping cold air through a series of tubes underneath the sand, which will suck enough heat from the blistering surface to offset the […]