Crazy, Weird Urinal

Not sure what is more strange, this story or the fact that there is a restaurant name that combines the term ‘honest’ and ‘lawyer’ together! A urinal shaped like a woman’s wide-open mouth has been flushed out of the men’s room of a Hamilton eatery following a nearly year-long public outcry. The glossy, red-lipped loo […]

Dog with Two Legs – 2 Legged Doggie

An amazing story about a dog born without front legs to a junkyard dog around Christmas 2002, Faith the puppy was rejected and abused by her mother. She was rescued by Rueben, now an Army E-4 specialist, who had been asked to bury other puppies in the litter. For many, Faith brings a powerful message […]

Funny Memo from Chop Shop – Even Thiefs Hate the Dodge Caravan

Very funny memo from a chop-shop, here is the text if you can’t read all the writing:  As of December 1st 2009 I don’t want to see anymore fucking Dodge Caravans in here, especially the newer ones 2007/7008/2009 they are worthless and I won’t pay even a penny for them.  Don’t even bother stealing them […]