Stop Eating Scissors

This guy was picking his teeth with a pair of scissors and then started laughing and down go the scissors.  Ouch, he lived and is fine!

funny x-ray

How to become Dr. Manhattan

If you fancy being a bit like Dr. Manhattan with some clothing of course.  Then you might want to find one of these Atomic Energy Labs that were for sale in 1951-1952 – Notice the realistic nuclear burns on the childs face?

Dr. Manhattan Image Pic

Spiderman is Black

First it was the US president now we find out that Spiderman himself might just be a black man and I don’t mean Venom, I mean a real black guy!  This iPhone photo was intercepted by the Canadian government, it seems Spidey himself owns an iPhone and took a picture of himself while he was preparing to put on his mask.

iphone spiderman

Really Gross But…

kinda useful I might add.  This guy had his finger cut off in an accident and decided to embed a USB drive in his prosthetic finger.

gross finger