Baby For Sale on Ebay – Baby For Sale?!

German police confirm that they today have taken a seven month baby away from a couple in Bavaria and local child welfare investigators are looking into them after the couple put the child up for sale on Internet auction site Ebay.  The description read, “Male baby almost 8 months old, sleeps well through the night and does not cry much.”  “Good for infertile couple or single man/woman wanting a child.”
The baby boy was put on sale on Tuesday at a starting price of one euro (1.58 dollars) and was withdrawn from the site around two and a half hours later, police said. There had been no posted offers but the couple may have recieved numerous offers via email. The mother said it was meant as a joke, but police and state officials failed to see the funny side, putting the baby into state care and charging both parents for attempted child trafficking.  Police cheif Wesley Offerman is quoted as saying, “We all find our kids annoying sometimes but selling them is not the answer.”

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  1. If the parents didn’t want the child in the first place if thats the case then whats the big deal? Its for the babys own good. and if they put it up for adoption they wouldn’t know who got the kid now they would and they could make sure that the kid gose to good parents.

  2. The parents are an idiot, if they didnt want to the child they could’ve given it to the orphanage gosh they’re such a moron.

  3. This is a dispicable example of child exploitation. For God’s sake, anyone willing to “bid” on a human child is just as disgusting as the obscene and ungrateful parents that put him up for auction. Why does God even let people like this get pregnant!?

  4. Well! I might take it! Did they say what sex it was? I hope it’s a boy! I always wanted a baby brother! I’d take him! Hahahaha just kidding! Seriously though! I would like a baby brother

  5. OMG! Why would you want to give our baby away? I’m a firm beleivere in ” If you made the bed you need to lay in it”!

  6. hahahaha no way i meen imagine the people who bought her like on her birthday cake theyre like SUPRISE WE BOUGHT U ON EBAY AND WE DONT KNOW HOW OLD YOU ARE SO WE GUESSED TWO! lol

  7. Dude that’s retarded, it obviously was a joke, a pretty funny joke at that, now they are getting child trafficking charges? WTF.

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